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Yami Born baby GG Hospital

I was only 14 years old. Yet, I dreamed of the day when my belly would swell with new life, pregnant with a baby. Perhaps this premature desire was fuelled by the sight of young pregnant women loaded with bangles, smothered with love and attention. Little did I know then that I would have to wait long years in pursuit of the fulfillment of this dream…

As I blossomed into a young woman, Cupid aimed and I fell in love. Having married my love against all odds, I was to remain single, housed in a hostel when my new parents refused to accept me as their son’s wife. The reason? We were from different communities, Vaishya and Naidu. Even my mother had not consented to our wedding that happened after a long wait of two and a half years. During this period our love grew from strength to strength, and marriage only confirmed the union of our hearts. But legalizing the relationship did nothing to mend fences with the two families. For two long years, I lived in a hostel. Every day, his family tried to brainwash my husband into believing I was a bad choice. The logic? Even a boulder could be broken to pieces with constant pressure. He could change his mind, isn’t it? However, our minds came closer and the relationship took deep root, growing like the Kalpavriksh tree. Unable to bear the physical separation any longer, I threatened to end my life and said that I would lay full blame on my husband’s family in a letter. Fear won over obstinacy and I was at last allowed to live in my matrimonial home with my husband. Soon, the unpleasantness forced us to leave the joint family.

We continued to live in the family home but as a separate unit. We yearned for a child that would somehow help us bridge the chasm that had deepened over the years between them and us. Ten years went by with no baby on the horizon. When I sought medical advice, I was given the shocking news by the government doctor that my tube was blocked. Stoic as I had been, I was shattered by the news. Following a laparoscopy, when I was told that I needed corrective surgery, I agreed though I hesitated when I was told that I would need to be in a hospital for a whole month. I underwent surgery in a private nursing home. After the seven-hour procedure, what the doctor told me struck me like lightning: “It is doubtful if you will ever be able to bear a child… all you can do is pray.” I was devastated by the doctor’s casually delivered judgment. I thought my heart would burst.

Months rolled past and I went to see the doctor once again. Another laparoscopy revealed that now both my tubes were blocked. I underwent another surgery. After that, every month I went through the IUI procedure for a whole year. Would I ever become a mother? Was my desire ever going to be fulfilled? In the vegetable or fish market that I frequented, friendly well-meaning vendors would chide me for not planning a baby. I avoided going to functions where questions were asked about when I would start a family… At naming ceremonies, some would not allow me to even touch the newborn. I would come home and burst into tears.

I hesitated to go in for adoption. Would there be complications? A friend told me about GG Hospital. When I heard that only VIP patients were entertained there, I was crestfallen. When I did get

GG Hospital
Yami Born baby GG Hospital

an appointment, the sight of a smiling Dr. Kamala Selvaraj in a pristine pure Bengal cotton sari lifted my spirits and hopes. I heard her speak in a divine voice: “Don’t worry, leave it to God. One tube is blocked but it can be dealt with through ET, I’m sure the treatment will click…”

I got an Embryo Transfer (ET) done for the first time in February 2005 – my husband’s sperm and my eggs were fertilized by ICSI in the laboratory. That day is the most memorable day in my life. For that was the day my 20-year old dream was beginning to take shape. My prayers were being heard. Following implantation, when I learned from Dr. Kamala that I was indeed pregnant, I was spellbound. My eyes filled with tears. I wanted to fall at her feet and weep with abandon. I was sad that I hadn’t come to her earlier.

When my pregnancy reached an advanced stage, my husband invited our friends and celebrated Seemantham. Soon after, in the eighth month, I had a Caesarean section on 21 st September 2005 and I could finally hold my boy baby in my arms. God had worked wonders through Dr. Kamala Selvaraj and GG Hospital. It is truly a place of deliverance for those yearning to have a baby of their own.