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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

Ramya Rajan

We came to GG hospital on FEB 2018 our treatment started and by next Jun 2019, I have delivered a male baby. A special thanks to GG Hospital. It was really a fabulous treatment rendered by all the doctors, A special and kind-hearted thanks to Kamala madam and Priya madam.

We have been married for 14 years and many treatments were undergone during that period. We came to GG and wonderful treatment was given.

Hats off GG
Thank you, GG

Mr. Vel Perumal

GG hospital is the best hospital for fertility treatment. The staff and doctors in the hospital are very friendly to the patients. I am satisfied with the treatment given here. I am successful and got a healthy and beautiful baby now. I am really very thankful to all doctors and staff at GG.

Simply super!!
The doctors, nurses and supporting staff all are awesome.


We had a very good treatment in the hospital. Thanks to all staff members who directly and indirectly helped us to become parents. My sincere thanks to Dr. Kamala, Dr. Hafiza, Dr. Vijaya and Dr. Sivapriya for explaining about treatment and helped us in all forms to clarify doubts and for providing better treatment. I think this is one of the best hospitals which provides treatment in the very hygienic way and help infertile couples to become parents. Once again a special thanks to Dr. Kamala and team for treating us very well.

Indira Murugesan

Actually, me and my husband planned for IVF and went to the hospital, but Dr. Priya Selvaraj and Dr. Kamala Selvaraj mam gave us the hope for trying the IUI method. We had no hope for success because previously I have undergone the IUI method in other hospitals for 4 times and got failed. Here in GG, I got my pregnancy result as positive in my second IUI itself and that too twin. I believed in God, trusted the doctor’s words and followed their instructions.

A special thanks to Dr. Kamala Selvaraj mam, Dr. Priya Selvaraj mam, Dr. SivaPriya mam, Dr. Vijaya mam and to the entire team of Doctors.

Mr. Nabbivanan


I was admitted in this hospital for IVF treatment during January 2019, i got a female child @28wk. I come regularly to the hospital for my child’s checkup. The checkup is done in good manner by Dr. Deepa hariharan and she treats us well and now my child is in good condition. Hospital staff treats us in good manner & gives us the best treatment.



I am very glad to receive treatment at GG. All my queries were clarified patiently by well-trained doctors and staff. Even though I come from a very long distance (Karnataka), I am very happy and satisfied in receiving treatment here. I thank the GG team for providing me the best treatment with caring words…



This is Lakshmi Prakash mother of twin baby girls from Bangalore. My Delivery was on Nov 21st, 2013, our Babies Sai Mathangi & Sai Pragathi are a year old now, wanted to share this update and few of their photos. We have no words to express our happiness and Gratitude towards you. Thanks for the most wonderful gift that Dr. Kamala has blessed us with.



Many recommend you as a good doctor but I am going one step further to recommend you as a great human being. According to me Dr.Priya mam – Apart from your MD, I certify that you have the following skills – Good listener, Lots of patience & Caring Attitude. I value the fact that your staff particularly Uma sister caring attitude was exceptional. Let your growth & success grow ever & ever.


Before I came to GG hospital, I lost my left ovary due to previous surgery, but after taking treatment in GG hospital Dr. Kamala Selvaraj and Dr. Priya Selvaraj Madam gave confidence and support to me. I conceived by IUI method with single ovary and this was possible only at GG because the other hospitals suggested me IVF treatment. I would like to convey my thanks to Dr. Deepu Rajkamal Selvaraj also because he treated my husband’s low sperm count problem and solved the issue within a month. Dr. Sivapriya and Dr. Vijaya also gave me support and suggestions to me. I was admitted to the hospital from 28th week to 33rd week for short cervix. During my admission, doctors were so caring and Nursing care was also good. My burdens and tears have gone away by my little angel which entered into my family. I recommend GG hospital for couples who suffer from infertility and I have my neighbor who is taking treatment now after my success. My relatives also wish to come here to take treatment now. I think GG hospital means: GOD’s GIFT hospital for all infertile couples.


Thank you for making us proud parents of our baby boy Premikan. We really don’t have enough words to explain our happiness and the gratitude we have for Dr. Priya and Dr. Kamalaji. We (Chenthil Kumar & Rajalakshmi) really thank you both for the all the counseling, medical care, attention and the confidence you gave us in the last 2 years of treatment with you. We have been married for over 15 years now and started our fertility treatment very early. We have met several fertility specialist earlier, but all in vain. Your approach was scientific and really different from all others and within a few months of treatment with you we really had the confidence that we were in safe hands. I am really amazed by the dedication, professionalism and the attention you and your mother give to your patients. We only wish that we had met you 10 years earlier instead of wasting time with others. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Shiva Priya who was very supportive and gave an ear to all our queries.


Thank you is too little a thing to say for the kind gesture you’ve shown. You’ve made a great difference in my life. May you always be as happy as you make others. Thanks a lot for helping us realize our parenting dream.


The vow I have no words to tell about gg hospital. Shortly I have to tell Dr. Kamala Selvaraj is not only a doctor but kadavul pala sisukalai uruvakka mannukku anupi vaitha penmani


Dear Dr. Priya, We thank God and You for HE brought meaning to our lives and YOU made it possible. HE had shown the path, sowed the seeds, and YOU have made the bud to blossom. I mean, what a gift she is! Now we have one more reason to be thankful and cheerful for our happiness has now taken a shape from a single cell. We are sure this tiny little tot will bring immense happiness to our lives and we are gonna remember you every time we see her. And we can’t confine your help to just two words, however, with great satisfaction we say THANK YOU! We believe that when we stay positive the universe reciprocates. We remained cordial and so did your support staffs. Everyone was nice to us. And you are very special! Stay blessed!! Best regards Ram and Archana


I have known GG hospital since I was a child. My cousins were born in 1993 and 1996. They were precious babies. So when I moved to Chennai, people recommended me to consult at GG I got my laparoscopy, cervical cerclage and C-section did at GG. Each procedure was taken care of very well. Kamala Mam and Priya Mam were extremely kind and patient. I would highly recommend this hospital for those who want to become parents soon. Although they guarantee great success rates you have to follow whatever they say. You should not expect instant or overnight results. Also, treatments can appear a tad bit expensive, if you don’t have insurance coverage; they are definitely value for money! Also one cannot put a price overjoy of motherhood.


My baby born here in 21.09.2010(GG hopsital) name v.sruthi by excellent treatment thanks to Kamala Selvaraj madam


Very good treatment, professional approach, and patient care make gg hospital the best fertility hospital in Chennai as far as I’m concerned with my personal experience.

Prima Dutta & Jewel Nandy

With a great joy, we would like to share with you that our first son, Reyansh Nandy is born. He is doing very well. We are short of words in thanking you. You fulfilled our dream. We are so happy. I just got tears when i heard from doctor first time when my son was born. Thank you so much.


It gives me immense pleasure as I share the book that I authored with Dhruv’s Birth Journey to the person who made it possible. Today is a landmark moment as I autograph the book for you. I am extremely impressed with your demeanor and you always surprise me with your heartqarming treatment.

Everytime I meet you my heart pounds with joy that I cannot describe. I see several relationships in you… a Doctor, a Sister, a Friend… and I truly sense that our bounding is not just from past 4 years but from several year much before. For the extreme care you shower on me there is envy in the air leading to miscommunications and you might have heard that I am spreading a word that you are my friend. believe me, I always have high respect for you and I know my boundaries.

Regarding our home in Chennai, I truly wanted to share the first word with you several times but there were some constraints. Due to the expectations of the people arround I could not convey you.

Our Family always prays for your’s, periyamma’s and your family good health. We wish GG Hospitals prosperity in helping with leaps and bounds of healthy baby birth’s helping childless couples.

Ketsia David

Dear Dr. Kamala & Dr. Priya,

Wishing you both a Happy Mother’s Day. This year is very special for me 😊, as I am blessed to become a mother through your efforts and blessings from the beginning till date and forever more great full to you both for making it happen in my life and many women’s life.

A big thank you to both of you and God continuely bless you and your family with good health, happiness, blessings, to nurture the womb of many souls and desire of your hearts🤗😘🤘🙏💞🤩💐.