“Seven"- My husband believes this numeral to be lucky. His birth date adds up to seven. The date that marks his first day at work also adds up to the number seven. He was rewarded with a promotion at work on the twenty -seventh. Our house number is 107. I entered the precincts of the GG hospital in the year 1997. I delivered my baby in the seventh month of pregnancy. Thus, various D- days in our lives came to be marked by this magical number.

Disappointed that we had no children, even after several years of marriage, we sought out various kinds of treatments including home remedies and herbal cures. Fifteen years flew past before we decided to try our luck at GG Hospital. It was the investigation done here that revealed the reason why I was unable to conceive: I had blocked tubes that inhibited the creation process. While Dr. Kamala Selvaraj treated my condition, my husband was examined by her spouse, Dr. Selvaraj. I conceived a child within one year of commencement of treatment at GG. But I didn’t take enough rest, as per doctor’s advice. Due to my carelessness, my pregnancy had to be terminated. Only then I realized that it was not enough to achieve pregnancy; it was equally important to follow the doctor’s advice on how to sustain it So, When I conceived again, we moved into accommodation close to GG Hospital and stayed there for three months. Ever since the test result showed positive, I would think twice before even treading harshly. I largely rested in bed. Every month, I would go to GG Hospital only by car for my checkup Before we enrolled in GG Hospital for treatments, we had been warned by friends and relatives that it would be a very exacting and troublesome procedure. Those fears turned out to be totally unfounded. In fact, it is more important to remain composed and confident when everyone around you expresses doubt and uncertainty. My husband turned 41 and all our friends and family said now there was no hope. But Dr. Kamala gave us so much hope and cheer. So did the others there, including Dr. Vijaya.

When my mother got to know I was pregnant, she sobbed controllably. My mother had been praying for us -We gave thanksgiving to all those deities: Kumbakonam Vaitheeswaran Koil, temples at Dindivanam Thirukarukavoor and many others. We vowed that if I had a baby, we would do angapradakshanam (circumambulate the deity by rolling on the floor) at the Adiparashakthi temple at Melmaruvathur. Before commencing the treatment at GG Hospital, we prayed fervently to the Vetrivinayaka temple at Nungambakkam. My husband’s prayer was through copious tears – both the Vinayakas, at Nungambakkam and within the GG Hospital compound, heard our pleas.

As I said before, the most important part of the treatment begins once the pregnancy is confirmed because its success depends largely on how closely the patient follows the doctor’s instructions on care and lifestyle. After the regular monthly check-ups, I got admitted to the hospital just two days before my delivery due date. Thanks to the blessings of the -Lord of the Seven Hills" (Thirupathilaji), I am today the proud parent of a lovely baby girl. She is a representative of all the goddesses we had prayed to, pleading for a child. She is the light of our lives, come to dispel years of darkness.

Once we have understood the basic problem, clear in our mind about what we want and learn to follow the line of treatment and listen to the doctor’s counsel, our dreams will definitely come true.

Those who repose faith will not return disappointed. This is not a sacred law – This is GG Hospital’s true testament.