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Surrogacy services has been suspended temporarily until further instructions from Government order….


Thus the process of Surrogacy takes on a whole new meaning at GG to serve those intending parents with utmost honesty, sincerity and understanding. Yes, surrogacy is more commercial than altruistic, but the women who step forward to do it are those who deserve that helping hand to edge them forward and empower them for a better future by way of monetary support. As clinicians and scientists we will further evaluate these women to assess their mental and physical health before undertaking the program.
Indian laws have now taken a stand to ban commercial surrogacy for non-Indian origin intending parents with a view to curb or prevent exploitation of women who enter this pact with poor understanding of the process and risking their lives. The Supreme Court has banned commercial Surrogacy for Foreigners/NRIs/OCI/PIO as of now and is yet to pass a final legislation. Hence we are now bound to serving couples that reside within India.

It is mandatory that rules be followed stringently while planning a surrogacy program with respect to obtaining special visas for the purpose. We are tied to an NGO that has taken on the sole purpose of screening and procuring egg donors and surrogates who qualify for the same.


  • Age should be between 23-35 years
  • She could be married/widowed/divorced
  • She should have given birth to at least one healthy child with minimum age of 3 years and should have had no complications in her obstetric history
  • She must have a legal guardian who will take responsibility for the entire process and its outcomes, if not the husband then parents or siblings or close relatives whom she has authorized as beneficiaries
  • She must provide valid details of residence, marital status, aadhar card/ration card and all prior health records including details of previous childbirth
  • A woman can be a surrogate only once if she has had 2 previous live births with a C-section during at least one of those births
  • A woman can be a surrogate to a maximum of 2 times if she has had one previous normal vaginal birth and has no intention of having more than one child
  • She should be free from any known sexually transmissible disease and will be screened along with her partner for the same
  • A window period of three months for viral serology will be maintained before taking her up for the program


  • A woman who has lost her womb due to cancer/previous obstetric trauma or postpartum hemorrhage/suffers from a genetic condition known as Mayor rokitansky Kushner Hauser syndrome (MRKH)
  • Multiple IVF failures owing to poor implantation site and endometrial response
  • Severe Tuberculous endometrium where the Endometrium lining is thin and her menstruation is scanty indicating a failed end organ
  • Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism which is unresponsive to hormone replacement therapy
  • A woman who has an incompetent internal cervical os and who has had repeated miscarriages (3 times) despite a prophylactic cerclage procedure
  • Severe to morbid obesity
  • Uterine anomalies like bicornuate uterus with repeated mid-trimester miscarriages compromising on the individual’s health
  • Asherman’s syndrome which entails severe intra uterine adhesions and synechie thereby preventing implantation
  • Any debilitating medical disorders in the woman which carries a high risk for pregnancy in her own womb


For further details regarding surrogacy program please contact:

Dr. Vijaya Annigeri
Time : 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Ph : +91 9962229940
Email : [email protected]

Dr. Priya Selvaraj
Email : [email protected]

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