Tubal transfer seems to be a productive method for those with at least one patent healthy tube belonging to the idiopathic group with husband’s sample being either normal or moderately oligozoospermic. The principle of tubal transfer is to imitate nature as close to as possible and also to serve as an alternative to IVF.

Gamete intra fallopian transfer ( GIFT )

Gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT) provides an alternative to IVF in cases of idiopathic and male infertility and as back up treatment following failure with Intra uterine insemination (IUI). Here the harvested pre-ovulatory oocytes mixed with pre-prepared sperms of about 50-100,000/ml are placed in the ampullary portion of the fallopian tube. GIFT provides a physiological meeting of the gametes at the lateral end of the fallopian tube and the resulting embryo enters the uterus simulating the natural process.

Fallopian replacement of pre ovulatory oocytes with timed intra uterine insemination ( FROOTI )

Fallopian Replacement of pre ovulatory Oocytes with timed IUI (FROOTI) tried at our center, is also a good alternative to the well established GIFT procedure and hopes to achieve better pregnancy rates with reduced fetal wastage by providing the right environment for the maturation of oocytes and capacitation of sperms. Here the harvested pre ovulatory oocytes are transferred into the lateral end of the fallopian tube and allowed to mature there. IUI of the pre-prepared sperms are done only after 3 – 4 hours of oocyte transfer. It may be chosen as the better treatment modality in cases where the husband’s semen analysis satisfies the normal parameters.

Pronuclear Stage Transfer ( PROST )

PROST aims to achieve more success rate since, in this method; fertilization is proved prior to procedure. This is done by transferring a pronuclear stage embryo into the fallopian tubes by triple puncture technique. The first baby by this method was born in 1988. A higher success rate can be expected since fertilization is proved and the embryo is transferred to the tubal environment earlier than in IVF. However we do it only in those cases chosen at our discretion.

Sperm attached Oocyte Fallopian Transfer ( SOFT )

SOFT is an intermediate procedure of GIFT and PROST. The sperms and oocytes are incubated together for 2-3 hours in the laboratory, at the end of which sperms attached oocytes are transferred into the fallopian tube making sure that the process of fertilization is initiated. This procedure is ideally suited to keep the anonymity of oocyte donor and the recipient, since the donor oocytes can be harvested in the afternoon and SOFT procedure on the recipient could be performed early in the evening.