Thiruvalluvar, in Thirukkural, has written that if you make up your mind, even fate cannot stand in your way, This would serve as a suitable motto for those who come to GG Hospital, in order to have a baby. Instead of losing sight of one’s goal, one has to cultivate a fighting spirit. And when you attain something after a long struggle, it holds more value, if willpower and effort can help overcome fate, a confident approach can help make your dream come true. This is what came to my mind when I first met Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, at GG Hospital. Not just Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, her entire team helps patients overcome fate. I decided that I must cultivate as much mental strength as I could.

I was a working woman; my working hours were 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. So on the days, I had to visit the hospital, my day would begin very early in the morning. This routine was not for a day or two- it went on for five long years, but I did not give up. I have heard many patients cribbing about the pain after injection, about having to consume drugs- they would magnify everything, howsoever insignificant. So many trained professionals like Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Dr, Vijaya, Dr. Lakshmi, Dr, Josephine, Kalaichelvi and others toil day and night to find a solution for us: can’t we bear a few inconveniences for the safe of the treatment, I would wonder. We were so much more fortunate than the other infertile couple, who cannot even aspire for treatment as they are poor. I had a caring mother-in-law and husband who would send me lunch to my office so that I don’t remain hungry. I have never failed to follow the doctor’s instructions, nor have I grimaced or complained.

After getting IVF medical treatment for five years, finally I savored the fruit in 1995, I had been undergoing ET, GIFT and other ART methods. I would pray to Lord Ganesha on my way in and out of the hospital. But it was the result of the hard work of the GG Hospital team. I was rewarded with a lovely, sensitive and affectionate son. My husband and other family members were overjoyed.

Having received the unusual gift of motherhood. I decided that it was more important for me to nurture the child than to go to work. I wanted to enjoy my baby graduating from the crawling to the walking stage. I enjoyed it. When my six-year-old son started going to full-time school, the house became so silent and I felt lonely.

We wanted another baby – a baby girl, we went to Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, not to create another baby but to adopt a baby girl. This we did, with Dr. Kamala’s help. It would have been selfish of me to want to have another IVF baby. Why deprive another person the chance to become a mother? And why not give love and security to a child who was homeless?

We came to Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, GG Hospital for a recommendation letter to state that we were fit to adopt a child. She was happy that we had taken such a decision. Dr. Kamala gave me a letter commending my motives and appreciating my move to adopt a girl child. We decided to bring home the first girl child they showed us at the children’s home.

Today, our daughter is our son’s best friend. She is the darling of my family. My sister hesitates to travel out of town because she cannot bear the thought of staying away from her for too long. My family is complete because of Dr. Kamala’s support and guidance.

Every disappointed woman who steps into GG Hospital, the best IVF treatment in Chennai needs to take along with her courage, faith, and willpower. It is important to trust the doctor and science. Once you have made your mind to succeed., no one can stop you.