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Category: Success Stories

“Seven”- My husband believes this numeral to be lucky. His birth date adds up to seven. The date that marks his first day at work also adds up to the number seven. He was rewarded with a promotion at work on the twenty -seventh. Our house number is 107.

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A child’s presence is a fulfilling experience. As a young girl, I loved to spend time with my neighbors’ children and I have always dreamed of having kids someday. I loved my nieces and nephews dearly but they weren’t around much to experience the happiness of raising kids. After my marriage, years rolled by with […]

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Similarly, Dr Kamala Selvaraj, along with her daughter Dr Priya Selvaraj, attended the function to receive the honor bestowed on them by declaring G G Hospital as the ‘Best Healthcare Provider.’ More than the jury picking the hospital, the nominations that were sent on behalf of G G Hospital was overwhelming. Speaking at the event, […]

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I had resigned myself to being childless. I was getting old and decided that now; I could no longer dream of having a baby. All that changed, when I visited a friend of mine who had delivered a baby, 15 years after getting married. ‘Can one conceive after the age of 35?’ I asked in […]

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The wedding is a ceremony to unite two minds. The witnesses are those who attend the wedding as guests. As far as I am concerned, the only proof of two souls so conjoined and living in harmony is the child born of such a union. […]

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