A normal pregnancy lasts ten months. In my case, add ten years – the years I spent yearning and praying for a child. My husband was the only son in his family. They had a tradition of marrying close relatives. I was a far-removed relative and when my husband insisted on marrying me, an exception was made and we got married. For ten months after the wedding, my mother-in-law did not talk about a baby. But her nagging began after that period. Because she was so upset, I would let her take me to GG Hospital for treatment. Two years passed by and still, when nothing happened, my mother-in-law gripped Dr. Viajaya’s hands and started crying. I too, became nervous. Would I ever become a mother?”, I wondered. During the third year, my mother-in-law began to show her annoyance and resentment. Every time she would visit her hometown, her relatives would further aggravate her anxiety and she would return, with the problem taking on monstrous proportions. Finally, at the end of three years, she died of a heart attack.

Five years after I enrolled for treatment at GG hospital; I was still childless. I would look longingly at patients who had become pregnant, catching their green files, waiting for their turn to be examined. I would get so disappointed and dejected, that, twice, I attempted to kill myself. But my husband did not give up hope – he was a great source of strength. He was confident that we would become parents one day.

My sister-in-law who has been childless for 25 years delivered a baby at GG Hospital. But she refused to let me touch her baby; I could not stand that at all. My husband consoled me that if nothing else works out, we could always adopt a baby.

When we put down our names for the potential adoption of a baby, Dr. Vijaya assured me that it would not be necessary. We decided to carry on with the treatment and go in for adoption if I failed to conceive after completing 15 years of treatment.

After 5 years, we discontinued treatment at the hospital for three years but did not give up hope. We prayed at Thiruvannamalai, an astrologer asked us to feed a boy every Friday. First Friday, it was easy to get a boy. But consecutive Fridays were becoming harder. I had to plead with so many people to get a boy. I did angapradhakshanam in the Karbarakshambikai temple at Thiruverkadu. I offered miniature cradles as offerings in countless temples.

Three years later when I met Dr. Vijaya, she told me a lot of new methods were being used, she suggested I consult Dr. Kamala once more. So, after eight years, since I last left GG, I entered the hospital again. A life without a child is meaningless. When you meet someone for the first time, they don’t ask you details of your wealth or property – they ask you, “How many children do you have?”

After an embryo transfer, the results are known after three days. Those three days I would be so nervous. But I was told to remain calm. Tension does no good. The first Embryo transfer was fruitless. The second time I had an Embryo transfer; we were moving house. We had a Ferman shepherd and the dog bounced on our landlord’s son, who was not aware that there was a dog in the house. I scolded the dog and tied him up. While doing so, I slipped and fell; instinctively I held my stomach. I was panic-stricken. What if it failed this time too? I didn’t have the courage to go and fetch the results. Only my husband went. I was sitting beside the telephone, a bundle of nerves. When he got to know that the result was positive, he was so excited that he drove home to give me the good news. In his excitement, he met with an accident. But he was so happy that he had no arguments with the other party involved in the accident- he came home with the damaged car and his own injuries and stood before me. “Told you it would happen – we’ve got the baby we so desperately want,” he said. He handed me the green file and burst into tears of joy.

Once I was pregnant my husband did not let me strain myself. When we were told we had twins; we were so happy. But our happiness was short lived – one of the babies; heart stopped beating. The other baby too was not very strong, I was told and I prayed day and night.

We watched the baby grow, stage by stage -We were so happy. Thanks to the unstinting hard work of Dr. Kamala Selvaraj and Dr. Vijaya and their team- they gave hope to the hopeless. I have seen Dr. Kamala going around Lord Ganesha in her campus, praying for her patients. Dr. Kamala’s efforts and success brought my husband and me very close to each other. Many relatives suggested I try for one more baby. But I am happy with this one child. I cannot forget the years I spent at GG hospital, the day I learnt I was pregnant and the day I left the hospital with my own baby. All my troubles and worries vanished.

“Faith”- that is the keyword. One must have utmost faith and confidence in the doctor. Today, my son shows he cares when he finds I am troubled by something. He is my husband’s whole world. He is a precious part of our life.